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October 12

BeWell Expo Starts Today!

Today is the day! The BeWell Expo 2013 is happening right now! BeWell Expo is designed to honor your inner and outer self. It is an exclusive beauty and wellness getaway where you can experience and indulge in the industry’s best-kept secrets. Empower yourself by embracing the tools your body, mind and spirit need to […]

October 11

The MOST Important Beauty & Wellness Tip..

BeWell Expo 2013 begins TOMORROW at the Pasadena Convention Center! We are overwhelmed with excitement and cannot wait to see all of the happy exhibitors, speakers, attendee’s, and the flurry of activity going on tomorrow and Sunday. For the final day of our countdown, we have for you one final beauty tip– a personal favorite […]

October 10

2 Statements 2 Live By

With the BeWell Expo literally 2 days away, we wanted to share with you 2 statements that we feel encourage confidence, beauty, and all around wellness. FIRST:: That is right BeWellers, don’t take that body for granted! Taking care of ourselves is something we should all focus on…everyday! This means on the inside as well […]

October 09

3 DIY Hair Masks

Our countdown to the BeWell Expo in just 3 DAYS  continues with 3 fantastic DIY hair masks. With fall here and winter approaching, make sure to keep your locks moisturized and healthy with these simple home remedies. Heat 3-5 tablespoons of unrefined coconut oil in the microwave. Let the oil cool a bit before working […]

October 08

Top 5 Nailpolish Trends for Fall

Just 5 MORE DAYS until BeWell Expo 2013! To continue our countdown, we have for you a few of our favorite fall nailpolish trends to try out: 1. Red A pop of color is always fun, and red will work for everyone. 2. Plum Fall weather means dark polish, and plum is a great, less-harsh […]

October 04

8 Energizing Yoga Poses for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

BeWell Expo 2013 is just 8 DAYS AWAY! We are extremely excited for you all to see all the hard work we’ve put into making BeWell Expo 2013 a weekend to remember, but until then we will be counting down tips to share with you each day. Today’s topic is one of our favorite ways […]

October 03

3 Beauty Tips Every Woman MUST Know

In today’s world there are so many ideas of beauty secrets and tips that we really cannot keep up. What about getting back to basics? We here at BeWell Expo want to share with you the 3 major basic tips that every woman should know as the foundation to her beauty regimen. #1- Never underestimate the power […]