October 11

The MOST Important Beauty & Wellness Tip..

BeWell Expo 2013 begins TOMORROW at the Pasadena Convention Center!

We are overwhelmed with excitement and cannot wait to see all of the happy exhibitors, speakers, attendee’s, and the flurry of activity going on tomorrow and Sunday. For the final day of our countdown, we have for you one final beauty tip– a personal favorite by all of us at BeWell Expo.

The key to top off any look is CONFIDENCE!

No matter what you think your “flaws” are, you are beautiful. Accept who you are, and work it! A confident person is a happy person. BeWell Expo is all about promoting health, beauty, and wellness on the outside, and on the inside, because that’s what really counts!

It’s your last day to get HALF-PRICED tickets! Purchase discounted tickets here, as they will be full-priced at the door tomorrow.

Proceeds from each ticket purchased will go to Look Good Feel Better, helping women affected by cancer look and feel beautiful again.

We hope to see all of you BeWellers this weekend at BeWell Expo 2013!