2 Statements 2 Live By

With the BeWell Expo literally 2 days away, we wanted to share with you 2 statements that we feel encourage confidence, beauty, and all around wellness.


That is right BeWellers, don’t take that body for granted!
Taking care of ourselves is something we should all focus on…everyday!
This means on the inside as well as the outside. Here are some quick ideas you can do today to nurture yourself!

Some faves
– Get enough sleep
– Drink some herbal tea
– Listen to your favorite music
– Eat healthy and green food
– Go to a yoga class
– Take a hot bath
– Take your vitamins
– Use scented Oils in the shower
– Reward yourself
– Accept yourself as you are


This needs no explanation.
You all are so worth it when it comes to your own personal beauty and wellness.

All of us here at BeWell Expo believe in empowering yourself by embracing all the tools your body, mind, and spirit need to look and feel good!
Now is the time.
Grab your friend and come discover, explore, learn, connect, shop, and feel completely worth it!
BeWell Expo is this Saturday and Sunday, October 12th & 13th at the Pasadena Convention Center. Tickets can be bought here!