October 04

8 Energizing Yoga Poses for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

BeWell Expo 2013 is just 8 DAYS AWAY! We are extremely excited for you all to see all the hard work we’ve put into making BeWell Expo 2013 a weekend to remember, but until then we will be counting down tips to share with you each day.

Today’s topic is one of our favorite ways to de-stress: Yoga. Yoga is not only beneficial for getting you moving, but it enhances the health of your mind, body, and spirit. We have put together a list of our top 8 favorite poses to start your day with:

1. Cat-Cow Pose

This pose helps to stretch out your back, and is a great warm-up pose.

2. Downward Dog

A standard yoga pose, but extremely energizing because it involves many of the body’s muscles.

3. Warrior One

A strengthening pose to help empower yourself.

4. Tree Pose

This pose helps to bring balance to the body, and the mind.

5. Locust Pose

A baby back-bend to prepare your body for deeper bending.

6. Triangle Pose

A great pose to open your body and promote joint mobility.

7. Bird of Paradise

A more advanced pose, but a great morning stretch.

8. Half Moon

Brings balance to the legs and ankles.

BeWell Expo 2013 will be featuring a complimentary Yoga studio for attendee’s, and Gaiam will be giving away free yoga mats on a first-come first-serve basis! BeSure to sign up here prior to attendance to pick your session.