Prep Your Body for the Holidays, Now!

Fall is almost here, which means the holidays will soon be knocking on our door. Many people compose strenuous work out routines prior to the holidays to prepare their body for all of the “healthy” eating holiday joy brings. Here at BeWell Expo, we have come up with a few exercises and tips you can partake in right after you consume your meal to help jump start your metabolism. You may be thinking that it is a bit early to be starting these exercise tips to aid in holiday weight, but is proven that the more you do something, it naturally becomes habit. Overall, we do not want this to simply be an after the holiday routine, this should be a routine to aid in your journey to a healthy lifestyle. So lets get started:

Tip 1: While consuming your meal try to drink room temperature water with some added acid like a lemon. The acidic features in lemon help encourage your liver to produce bile since lemon is a natural diuretic. The pectin fiber found in lemon also aid in curbing your appetite.

Tip 2: Normally when we consume a heavy satisfying meal many people become sluggish, a common name for this fatigue induced by food is called the “itis”. However this “itis” is potentially dangerous. After consuming a heavy meal it is important to move, to help induce the digestion process a few simple exercises include;

-Moving side to side  in your chair tightening and focusing on your core abdomen.
-Turning the upper half of your body left and right in a twisting motion, again keeping your core tight.
– Going on a brisk walk.

These are simple additions to your meal routine that can make a difference in how your body digests food aiding in increasing your metabolism overall helping you not gain that “holiday weight”. We hope these steps help as you journey onto a healthier lifestyle.