August 15

Transform your Brows at BeWell Expo 2013

One of the most telling features on a person’s face are their eyebrows. The shape of the brows can completely change the expression of a person’s face, so it is important to keep them groomed! Whether you have been plucking your brows for years, or never groomed your brows before, BeWell Expo 2013 will be offering a complimentary brow bar, where BeWellers can receive a complete brow transformation from Chella.

chella cosmetics

From eyebrow to lash and skincare products, Chella has products to help create the perfect frame to the windows of your soul!

Chella’s brow and lash line features products to help thicken and lengthen  lashes and brows, brow grooming kits, brow pencils, and even heated eyelash curlers.  Chella’s skincare line focuses on anti-aging products to help sculp, lift, and fill lines in the skin. There will be EXCLUSIVE deals on Chella’s products for anyone attending BeWell Expo!

The brow bar activity will be based on a first come first serve basis, so BeSure to get there early!

Tickets for BeWell Expo 2013 are on sale HERE!