SaveMyFace Anti-Wrinkle Pillows

It’s not a myth–Getting your beauty sleep will actually help you look younger! Although many of us are not able to get the daily recommended 8 hours of sleep a night,  BeWell Expo 2013 will offer some products to help you fake it.

Studies have shown people tend to wrinkle more on the side they sleep on, thus the design of the SaveMyFace pillow was created!

pillow save face

The crescent-shaped curves in these pillows help relieve compression, saving your skin from getting smashed against traditional pillows. They help to prevent wrinkles from forming, aiding in the effects of anti-aging facial cream and serum usage. The design of these pillows also help to improve breathing, and ease aches and pains throughout the body.

The pillows come in two sizes: Le Petite and Le Grand, and they are machine washable!

BeSure to stop by SaveMyFace’s booth at BeWell Expo to find these pillows and the rest of their beauty product collection! Tickets are on sale HERE .