Bija Body- Products for a More Beau-TEA-ful You!

All of us here at BeWell Expo are always excited about anything that nourishes our bodies naturally. Our exhibitor, Bija Body, has a  line of loose-leaf teas which help to cherish the body with the use of hand-picked all-natural ingredients to reveal a more beautiful you from the inside out.


Bija Body’s many years of working with nutritionists, naturopaths, western and eastern doctors, estheticians, and anyone else who had an intelligent perspective to share about teas, tonics, herbs and spices has paid off. Their amazing products range from anti-aging body care to teas carefully crafted with beauty benefits.

The Daily Beauty Tea is full of hand-picked ingredients for balanced energy levels, proper digestion, improved defense against colds and viruses, and as a peaceful, beautifying ritual to sip on daily.

The Nightly Beauty Tea is soft and calming, focused on effective digestion, calming your mind and spirit, and supporting the body’s overnight processes. It will not make you sleepy, but it does help to wind everything down to help you get a good night’s rest.

There is also a tea specially designed for men to drink, called the Man Tea!

BeSure to stop by the Bija Body booth at Be Well Expo 2013 to check out their line beautifying products!

Tickets are on sale HERE.