RA For Men’s Skincare Method

Ladies, share this with the men in your life!  Our exhibitor, RA For Men, is a men’s skincare line who has come up with The Method, a skin-care routine specifically created for men so they can have great skin too.

Although many men live the low-maintenance lifestyle of washing their face and moving on with their day, a great skincare routine really can improve the look and feel of skin.


Here’s the 5 morning steps to great skin:

1. Cleanse

The MOST important skin-care step.  Pump cleanser into moistened hands and work into skin. Spread evenly onto face and neck for several minutes for optimal results. Remove with a damp washcloth or gauze pad.

2. Exfoliate

A great step to do in the shower, exfoliating skin will remove dead skin build-up. Just massage an exfoliating scrub into hands and massage into face and neck for several minutes. Rinse with water, and BeSure to remove all grains with a towel.

3. Tone

Pump toner onto a cotton pad or gauze pad and work it into your skin in the direction your hair grows to soothe and calm your skin.  This step can act as an after-shave.

4. Restore and Build

Smooth a skin-firming cream into skin to tone, as well as keep wrinkles at bay!

5. Protect

By applying a lotion with SPF to the face and neck, your skin will be protected from the environment and it will be hydrated at the same time.

BeSure to cleanse and tone your skin at night-time as well for best results! And don’t forget to stop by RA For Men’s booth at BeWell Expo 2013 at the Pasadena Convention Center October 12th-13th. Tickets are on sale HERE.