June 21

Custom Nail Solutions Shares Some Summer Nail Trends!

Our exhibitor, Custom Nail Solutions is back again with some fabulous nail tips.  This time they’ve shared with us the nail trends for Summer 2013.  After reading these , you’re sure to be making a splash at beach parties and poolside barbecues all summer long.


1.  Coral Nail Polish: Longing to go snorkeling and coral reef diving this summer? Give your nails their own tropical mini getaway with fabulous and fun coral nail polish. Polishes in coral hues will be very popular this summer, so choose one for everyday wear.

2.  Neon Geometrics: Neon polishes will be huge this summer, and the best way to rock the trend is by choosing a dark mani with geometric crisscrossing neon lines. To do this funky nail design, paint your nails with a coat of neon orange, neon yellow, neon pink, or neon green and let dry. Then take thin pieces of tape and place them on the first nail in a geometric pattern. Paint over the nail and tape strips with two coats of dark blue, black, or dark gray, then take the tape off while the polish is still wet. Let dry then add a clear topcoat. You have an exciting neon geometric mani that is ready to turn heads at your summer get-togethers!

3.  Lime Yellow, White, And Electric Purple Polishes: Like coral nail polish, polishes in pure white, lime yellow, and vibrant purple will be major breakout hues this summer. These funky and unique polish choices are versatile; they can be worn on a casual day at the beach or paired with your fave black cocktail dress for a summer night out on the town!

4.  Bold Textured Nails: “Bloody” vampire-esque tips were huge in Spring 2013, and new brave manicures will also be a major Summer 2013 trend. Amazing new “textured” nail designs are popular this summer season, with manicurists employing fabulous new finishes like leather, crocodile, and speckled bird’s eggs. Nail polish companies are also creating fascinating and unusual effects in a bottle, with the latest one being polish that imparts a concrete-like finish on your nails. Another trick to keep your nails distinctive and bold is to use dark colors, red and burgundy, or metallics. Combine all of theses colors in one manicure for a standout design that’ll bring you many compliments.