June 19

MD® Hair – the Female Hair Loss Combatant

Hair loss (officially called alopecia) is a traumatic event in any woman’s life.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not a condition that solely affects men.  In fact, alopecia is beginning to affect more and more women.  Some of the causes of this are genetics, nutrition, hormones and hair styling practices like blowdrying, flatironing, chemical treatments and extensions.  Luckily, skincare company MD® sympathizes with the loss of confidence, youth and inner vitality that has the potential to accompany female hair loss.  Its hair loss combatant, the MD® Hair line, aims to counteract the process.

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MD® Scalp Essentials is a fast-acting hair serum that immediately soothes inflamed and itchy scalps.  The active ingredients can swiftly re-balance the scalp by dealing directly with excess oil and in turn, fungus to relieve irritation. It also helps block DHT, the enzyme responsible for hair loss.

MD® Nutri Hair is a daily supplement designed specifically for thinning hair. It’s primary ingredient is lilac extract, derived from plant stem cell technology for optimal potency and purity. Fortified with nutrients such as biotin, antioxidants and omega rich flaxseed meal, these clinical strength ingredients favor protein synthesis and hair growth.

MD® Follicle Energizer  is a clinically tested formula that doesn’t use harsh chemicals and directly addresses female hair loss.  It strives to improve volume, thickness, and health. Long term results can be seen in as little as 4 weeks!

In addition to taking advantage of the MD® Hair line, MD® reminds us of the importance of protecting our hair!  Give your hair a break from high-heat appliances and treatments that can severely damage it!