Tips For a Sound Sleep

Bad sleep hygiene isn’t just forgetting to wipe off your makeup or brush your teeth before bed, it’s trying to fall asleep to a TV, or looking at your phone’s bright screen while texting under the covers.


A lack of sleep over a long period of time has been shown to age skin’s appearance. Turns out we really do need our beauty rest to look our best! Here are a couple tips to help you get the sleep you deserve for a more beautiful you.

  1. Turn off the screens

Turn off the electronics, and close the blinds! Daylight, as well as the light from computer screens decrease the amount of melatonin, our body’s natural sleep support, interrupting sleep.

  1. Wear an eye mask

A dark sleeping environment is crucial to lessen the chance of interruptions. If it’s still impossible to have a dark enough space to sleep after closing the blinds and turning off electronics, put on an eye mask. There are so many cute ones out there to choose from!

  1. Draw a bath

Creating some “me” time with a bath can help you rid yourself of the emotional stress and anxiety you accumulate throughout the day. Try out a great lavender bubble bath for some aromatherapy! Speaking of that….

  1. Aromatherapy

Don’t have time for a bath? Just dab on some aromatherapy oil! It will release scents which can help you de-stress, and help get you mentally ready for bed.

  1. Brew some non-Caffeinated tea

Staying away from sugars and caffeinated beverages before bedtime is a must to allow your body to relax before bed. Making a cup of tea before bed can help calm the body down. Our favorite is chamomile!

We hope all you BeWellers have a good night’s sleep after trying out these tips!