The Calm After the Storm

Facials are meant to cleanse and reveal the beautiful skin you have underneath the buildup of blackheads, acne, or other factors that accumulate throughout the week. We are taught to treat our skin right by getting facials, but the itchy red, burning, or irritated skin that comes afterwards is not quite what we look forward to.

MyBody After the storm

MyBody’s product, Calm After the Storm, is a natural post-procedure care which can help calm your skin.This daily treatment will help hydrate skin while easing itchiness, irritation and reducing the look of redness. It is recommended to be used after a variety of treatments, including chemical peels, laser treatments, microdermabrasion, or after a sun burn.

What’s great is that it is sensitive enough to use on all types of skin. Youthifying agents in this product also can help provide an instant facelift with its tightening effects.

Next time your skin needs some TLC, remember that even if the waters are rough post-procedure, Calm After the Storm can help soothe the irritation that arise with the treatments meant to reveal a more beautiful you.