Custom Nail Solutions – Nail Beauty Is at Your Fingertips!

We want to take the time today to highlight one of our exhibitors, Custom Nail Solutions.

Obviously, most of us weren’t born with naturally beautiful and strong nails.  Therefore, most of us subject ourselves to harsh treatments like grindings, filings and acrylics and gels that use toxic chemicals to achieve beautiful nails.

Custom Nail Solutions provides the answer to our prayers.  Its Impression System and Custom-Fit Nails at-home kit allows you to get beautiful, custom-fitting, artificial nails in the comfort of your own home.  These nails are removable, reusable and SO easy to use.  We like them because Custom Nail Solutions understands that each of us was born with a unique set of nails.  By providing them with impressions of your nail beds, they will mail you back your custom nails.


The kit includes:

10 finger trays
1 spoon
1 yellow impression material
1 white impression material
1 Instruction sheet
1 Product brochure
1 Order Sheet
*Instructional DVD is on website 

Once you have created your impressions, they will send you your final kit.

The final kit includes:

1 Set of Custom Nails
1 Bottle Soak Off
1 Soaking Dish
1 Nail Dehydrator
1 Adhesive Debonder
1 Nail Protector
1 Nail Cleanser
1 Nail Brush
4 Pink Cuticle Sticks
1 Nail Stand with 10 Plastic Dowels
1 Application Instruction Sheet
Pink Maintenance Kit Bag

Come see Custom Nail Solutions at the BeWell Expo October 12th & 13th at the Pasadena Convention Center!