February 25

Wellness & Beauty in one fabulous product!

olivia 7

Olivia Culpo, Miss America 2013 used the babybelle body buffer to smooth her skin and tone her muscles before winning the title

HoneyBelle and babyBelle are used as beauty/wellness body tools for:
>helping to dramatically diminish the appearance of cellulite when used as directed (2 x a day for 5-10 minute)
>help to decrease edema/swelling/water retention by increasing lymphatic flow.
>exfoliate, smooth and rejuvenate the skin.
>Increase microcirculation bringing fresh oxygenated blood into tissue and muscle.
>provide a deep tissue massage to soothe sore muscles. Can be used on feet, ankles, legs, torso, buttocks, arms.
After bodybuffing, use the BelleCore Apres Contouring Crème on the buffed areas to rehydrate and moisturize the skin, which is included in the bodybuffer kit. BC12_0449_HBFit