February 21

Dry Winter Skin: Fix It!

Dry Winter Skin: Fix it!

1. Use a cream  moisturizer versus a lotion. Why? Thicker is better for retaining moisture and still allowing the skin to breathe.  Use lotions or creams with high botanical oil content rather than occlusive petroleum. Occlusives feel more hydrating at first, but negatively impact your skin’s ongoing moisture levels.
2. Take a shorter shower – hot, long showers deplete the skin of their natural oils.
3. Gentle, daily exfoliation, either with a proper body scrub or dry-brushing, removing dead skin allows nutrient rich ingredients to absorb more fully into the epidermis.
4. Increase healthy fats. Dry skin is rarely a hydration issue, and much more often low fat content. Low fat content allows skin moisture to be seeped out more rapidly. Eating enough fats, or taking supplements, helps your skin to hold on to moisture levels)
5. Products with Coconut, Avocado or Olive oil are great ingredients to “feed” your skin in the drying winter months.

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Melissa Picoli – Contributor
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