January 16

President of BeWell Expo, Christele de la Haye answers 3 questions.

Q:  How was the idea of BeWell Expo born?
A:  The idea came to me when I realized that there was no bridge between the information about Beauty and Wellness and the companies that embrace the idea from a professional point of view. I am from France and skincare and wellness are integral parts of our culture, when you speak to European women they have been raised with the notion that healthy skin and the professionals who are trained and educated to be experts in this arena are mainstream. In the states it seems that sometimes these are separate ideas that seeing an esthetician is a luxury or leisure activity, where in France we view estheticians as experts in taking care of skin. Individualizing a skin care program for me is an essential component to achieving my desired results, which is feeling good about the way my skin looks.
Imagine having access to the best minds in beauty and getting the inside scoop on the latest beauty products, skin care innovations, and spa services.  Focused on bridging the gap between creator and consumer — BeWell Expo is making that dream a reality!

Q:  Surrounded by so many amazing companies and experts how do you choose the products you use daily?
A:  Based on my skin type I change my beauty routine every 3 months at the suggestion of an esthetician who gives me alternatives for my products so my skin will not get lazy.

I get a facial every 3 – 5 weeks depending on my schedule
I wear sunscreen everyday
I exfoliate 1 -2 x’s weekly
I use a hydrating mask every week
I spray my face everyday with a  hydrating mist at least 4 times a day I have one in my car, office, purse even in my kitchen!

The products I choose are always ones that have the best quality of ingredients and science to help me combat my specific skin issues.

Q:  What do you hope BeWell Expo will be for the visitors?
A:  This unique event offers consumers a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact directly with the people who make up the beauty and wellness industry. Boasting fun interactive demonstrations, lectures and workshops with beauty and wellness professionals, BeWell Expo provide attendees with the opportunity to learn about trade secrets and purchase products usually only available to insiders.  They get exposed to the finest and latest in skin care, anti-aging, fitness, nutrition, weight lost, body contouring, spas, makeup hair and nails that are on the market today. The idea is for our attendees to leave the expo pampered, refreshed with a new perspective on their beauty and wellness. Attendees will feel like a kid in a candy store — only instead of lollipops, you walk out with beauty genius.