Welcome to the World of BeWellers!

Welcome to the world of BeWellers… tagged as such for the sake of identifying those out there seeking to to improve upon, maintain, unmask the beauty within as well as our own beautiful shells. BeWell is a combination of Beauty & Wellness and the BeWell blog will embody curated content from every angle of an untapped industry.

What we aspire to accomplish with this blog is provide you with contributions from spa owners, managers, estheticians, massage therapists, make-up artists, wellness gurus and skin care industry experts. By peeling back the curtain and presenting a straightforward message about the industry we all love, through photo essays, video, demos, Q & A and contests we hope you will find it enlightening and share with your family and friends.

We are creating a community of BeWellers and we invite you to join us on our journey to the world of beauty & wellness and all that will encompass.